Desktop Support & Specialized Marketing Solutions
Customized Marketing Solutions And Hands-On Technical Training

Desktop Support and Specialized Marketing Solutions


Have you ever felt frustrated by the information technology age, only to feel that the next tidal wave of info tech is coming, and you’ll just be left out of yet again? 

Do you hear your co-workers, kids, grandkids, peers, etc. talking about their I-Pods, I-Phones, I-Touches and I-Pads only to think I GIVE UP!  

Do you wish you had the knowledge to set up an e-mail account, social networking account, download pictures off your camera and e-mail them with the hopes of staying connected with those close to you, personally and professionally.  If you have always had this desire, but are too intimidated by technology you're not alone and that's where I come in!

Additionally, I offer customized and professional marketing solutions to suit your needs, whether you need a new logo design - or consultation on website assistance.




We offer customized, hands-on technical training and teach you how to love your computer, not be intimidated by it.  Additonally, we offer professional and personalized marketing solutions to suit you, or your businesses needs.   Our service offerings are completely customized to suit your lifestyle.

Therese Marie Augusta,
Freelance Consultant


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